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[Talking Vrouz]
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Talking Vrouz

by Valérie Rouzeau

Translated by Susan Wicks

Part of our Arc Translations series

These poems present a language that is a hybrid of liberties and constraints: omissions, grammatical contractions, colloquialisms and archaisms, wordplay, puns, childspeak, exploded cliche and the heightened awareness of a poetic tradition.

No subject is taboo, and each is treated with a degree of humour that ensures the reader does not look at what was a familiar world with the same eyes again. The tone is reminiscent of Chagall or Picasso, a seemingly casual innocence that foams with the odd splinter of glass.

PBS Recommended Translation Winter 2013

978-1908376-16-9 (pbk)
978-1908376-17-6 (hbk)
Published November 2013