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An Introduction of Sorts

Posted by Arc, 24th April 2015

Hello and welcome to the Arc Publications blog. My name is Paris; I'm Arc's new marketing intern. (The excitement has sprouted!) I'm a twenty-something poetry addict, mythology lover and surrealist obsessive. I'm more than delighted to announce that I'll be updating this blog on a weekly basis, (after a slightly blog deprived Autumn). I certainly promise to keep the thread as frequent and ever-changing as possible!

As I'm sure you already know; you'll find a bit of everything here ( from reviews to interviews to all sorts of intriguing events, ah yes, we're feeling generous this Spring). Oh boy, you bet we're sharpening our claws more often than the Ancient Egyptian cat (I mean, goddess), Bastet. We would expect no less from Arc of course!

I hope you enjoy your visit, whether you're a long-term Arc devotee or completely new to this space! Keep tuned in as we'll be having a ball over many, many weeks to come.