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Daniel Weissbort 1935-2013

Posted by Arc, 28th November 2013

How very sad we were to hear of Daniel's death. I can't help feeling it is an end of an era, the era where two people, namely Ted (Hughes) and Daniel, brought into the UK a galaxy of poetry from all over the world that would have otherwise remained outside the realm of the English speaking world. Without doubt he was a true visionary and will be remembered not only for his invaluable work with MPT but also as a first rate translator and a first rate poet. Indeed as a translator who, by example and encouragement, was a true internationalist the like of which were rare enough but barely, it seems, exist now.

The continuing publication of MPT is surely a fitting memorial and tribute to the commitment he showed over such a long time in the face of all sorts of difficulties. Also the fact that he could attract such dedicated and experienced co-editors must illustrate the charisma he showed and the strength of will to continue, quite rightly, to believe in the importance of his calling. He will be greatly missed but his work will continue to be celebrated for many decades to come.