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Desnos Kickstarter - First Responses

Posted by Ben, 31st May 2017

On 15 May, last year, our first ever Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded. One year later, our wonderful backers began to receive their rewards - copies of the book which they themselves helped bring into being: Surrealist, Lover, Resistant: Collected Poems of Robert Desnos.

Here are some of the responses from the first people to receive their copy:

The postie knocked on my door with an Arc parcel yesterday, which was a delightful surprise because we've had no indication that they had begun to post them out.
As this is an Arc production, it comes as no surprise at all that the book is beautiful. It's well worth the small extra wait of a few months. I'm saving it to be one of my summer holiday reads so I can do it justice in a relaxed setting.
Tim & Arc, it's fabulous.

Andrew Heald

My copy was delivered on Friday but I was away so got it today. Have to say that I'm delighted with this publication, its an absolutely stunning achievement! Congratulations and thanks for your hard work.

Simon Palmer