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E is for Artistry

Posted by Arc, 28th June 2013

With the launch of our ebook series (see the full selection here) we thought it timely to reveal our guiding ambitions for the ebooks, and what we hope marks them out from other poetry ebooks:

The underlying rationale is for each ebook to match the print edition as closely as possible, while making the most of device functionality. Providing hanging indents, generous use of white space and title font size differentiation make the poetry typographically attractive and clear.

Inevitably we all set our ereaders to suit personal taste, so keeping the text's integrity throughout any user intervention is essential. For example, our indents respond to font size adjustments to make the line breaks clear if they run over the parameters of the screen, while the images will fill different screens proportionally. Having said that we want to give the user as many options as possible, while maintaining the stylistic decisions made during typesetting and editing. We offer two tables of contents to all compatible e-readers, one typographically and structurally laid out, as in the original print edition, and the other is accessible from anywhere in the book via the device menu. Cross-links facilitate comparison and easy navigation from the original language poem to its translation.

And since devices upgrade, and many of our readers are probably reading on 'older' devices, we counter where older Kindles don't support multi-level hanging indents by designing slightly larger line height between new lines of poetry.

Naturally all our ebooks are available as samples so you can peek without buying and hopefully you'll see how we have achieved the above. I'd be interested to hear opinions...