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Favourite Readers of 2011

Posted 14th December 2011

We were talking about the readers we have particuarly enjoyed hearing over the year and thought given it's that time, we'd give a short round of the great readers we've heard this year on our travels.

So, in no particular order:
Carola Luther in Hebden Bridge - A revelation, we'd never heard her read before.
So pleased to hear she's the new poet in residence at the Wordsworth Trust.
Anne Caldwell in Ledbury - Her reading of the sequence 'The Underwater House' was stunning.
Adam Thorpe at King's Lynn - We didn't know Adam Thorpe as a poet at all, and found him a wonderfully honest one.
Elaine Feinstein at King's Lynn - A very affecting reading.
D.M. Black at Keat's House, Hamstead - A wry but weighty performance to the packed audience.
Astrid Alben at The Wellcome Foundation - Her strong performance matched her energetic poetry.
Alan Brownjohn at King's Lynn - Brownjohn's excellent suit didn't detract from how funny and desperate his character Ludbrooke is.
Lorna Thorpe at Brighton - She held her audience beautifully, a captivating reading.
Kristiina Ehin at the Southbank - Spellbinding; so Estonian!
Marcelijus Martinaitis at King's Place - Alongside his translator, Laima Vince, he was star of the show, and had the audience eating out of his hand!

So bear some of those in mind if you see their names at a venue near you next year...