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Interview: Jean Boase-Beier on Poetry of the Holocaust

Posted by Harry Brown, 22nd August 2019

Christina Peligra, of Inpress, writes:

This month, our Inpress Translated Book of the Month is the multilingual poetry anthology Poetry of the Holocaust, edited by Jean Boase-Beier and Marian de Vooght and published by Arc Publications.

This is a new, very innovative anthology, which aims to be more comprehensive than previous publications on the topic. It includes poems about the Holocaust written in many languages — German, Dutch, Polish or Yiddish, but also Greek, Norwegian, Japanese — and not only those written by Jewish Holocaust victims across Europe but also those written by people who were targeted on other grounds.

Jean Boase-Beier, one of the anthology's editors, has answered our questions thoroughly to tell us more about this big, very important project, how it differs from previous ones, and what it means, from a personal, human, historical and technical point of view, to translate and study Holocaust poetry.

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