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Keep it Loud, it's the British Library

Posted by Sarah, 24th May 2012

Rosie Goldsmith talking with Ludwig Steinherr
Rosie Goldsmith talking with Ludwig Steinherr

May's European Literature Night in London was a wonderful experience for us, Ludwig Steinherr, our poet who was invited, and by all accounts the 200+ strong audience.

There was a fantastic spread of writers, covering a huge range of genres, tone and style as well as countries. And Rosie Goldsmith, who presented the evening, did a fantastic job. She'd obviously read all the work thoroughly (quite a job with nine writers present) and with this knowledge put the writers at their ease for the short discussions she had with each of them on stage, soliciting insight and comment on the writings.

You can read a little more about the evening in the excerpt from the Guardian below (by John Dugdale).

So a huge thanks to Eunic and Speaking Volumes for pulling it all together.

the Guardian, 19 May 2012
the Guardian, 19 May 2012