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Khin Aung Aye reflects

Posted by Arc, 21st November 2012

Khin Aung Aye (centre) with his colleagues, Eaindra and Thitsar Ni
Khin Aung Aye (centre) with his colleagues, Eaindra and Thitsar Ni

Participating in the Burmese Tour organized by Arc Publication (24 - 31 Oct, 2012) was the most exciting tour in my poetic life. Although I've been on many personal tours both locally and globally, it is rare to go to foreign country for an poetry occasion.

The special things about this tour are: to travel around town by town East, West, South and North of England, going together with male and female poet friends from the same country and experiencing together the different landscapes and natures, are such astonishing moments for all participants. In addition to this, poems written in our mother language have been recited in our original voices to people from western culture and in translations. That we can introduce our Burmese poetry to the UK audience is a precious opportunity for us.

We had quiet and peaceful times in Hebden Bridge where Arc Publication is located, unforgettable delightful moments for us. Moreover, getting a chance to visit Arc's office, the place where Bones will Crow was born, and also going to see the tomb of poet Sylvia Plath are such priceless chances for us. In Hebden Bridge Tony and Angela took care of us greatly. I treasure their warmth.

The farewell party held on 31 Oct at Free Word Center (London), where English PEN, a supporter of this tour, is located, included the incredible slideshow work of Craig Ritchie and the performance artist Htein Lin's surprise performance, both also unforgettable memories of lifetime.

I would like to express thanks on behalf of all Burmese poets, to Sarah and Ben, who helped us throughout the whole tour, and to James Byrne, who contributed his precious time for us to recite the translated poems, asking questions, introducing us to audiences.

Khin Aung Aye
10 November 2012, Cheldan Grove, London, 16:20 PM.