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Launch of Arc Sessions

Posted by Arc, 19th August 2015

Over the past few months, Ben Styles, our programming and development whiz, has put on his dedication hat, and has been splicing, colour correcting, camera steadying and suppressing unwanted background noises. It's required an endless amount of concentration, but it's finally here! The launch of Arc Sessions - our new site for live poetry, which we hope you adore as much as we do.

We believe it's essential to hear a poet read their work in order to gain access to their motivations and the emotion behind a poem. After all, the printed page or screen can only tell you so much; we want our audience to experience our poets cracked open like pomegranates, to be able to explore the roots and seeds of their inspiration. Sound enticing to you?

From Wioletta Greg to Pedro Serrano, we're aiming to provide an ever-growing archive of some the world's best poets, and a list as dynamic as possible.

Please visit, enjoy, and if you like it, spread the word.