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New Publication: Lost Evenings, Lost Lives

Posted by Arc, 17th December 2015

We're delighted to be publishing the forthcoming Tamil anthology, Lost Evenings, Lost Lives, in early 2016, a bilingual response to three decades of civil war in Sri Lanka. The result is a collaboration of some of the most influential and talented Tamil poets living today. Arc's main objective in publishing Lost Evenings, Lost Lives is to give our readers an increased insight and understanding into the Tamil communities.

The poems themselves offer a window into the historical and political background of Sri Lanka's civil war. With the publication of Lost Evenings, Lost Lives, we are honoured with a canon of South Asian literature. Essentially these poems allow us to access and experience an alternative history.

Throughout Lost Evenings, Lost Lives, there are no words of revenge, rather a brave surrendering to the harsh actuality and devastating truth, all of which testify to the horrific events of the Sri Lankan civil war.

Lost Evenings, Lost Lives, is available for pre-order here.