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Parnassus (part ii) Celebrating Arc - Gerður Kristný, Alvin Pang, Katarína Kucbelová, Valérie Rouzeau

Posted by Sarah, 25th July 2012

... to continue

We finished Parnassus in style, or at least the closing weekend saw as many of our poets as we could muster reading in the Arc Celebration event: Gerður Kristný, Alvin Pang, Katarí­na Kucbelová, Valérie Rouzeau and Susan Wicks, Razmik Davoyan and Armine Tamrazian, Zeyar Lynn, Taja Kramberger and Selina Tusitala Marsh.

And if you missed them...

Gerður Kristný introduces Bloodhoof:

Alvin Pang on flyfishing:

Katarína Kucbelová reads a section from 'Little Big City':

Valérie Rouzeau shares 'A Cold Spring in Winter':

Highlights from Zeyar Lynn, Razmik Davoyan, Taja Kramberger, Selina Tusitala in the next blog.