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Surprise Festschrift for Katherine Gallagher

Posted by Arc, 29th October 2015

Phew, the big secret is out at last! Last week Maggie Butt presented the poet, Katherine Gallagher with a surprise Festschrift publication to mark her 80th birthday. The evening was accompanied by dewy eyes, proud sniffles and playful laughter. Katherine herself said: "This is the sort of thing that happens to other people." Ironic really, because her own career has been more than notable and we're delighted to have played a small part in her journey.

We deeply admire Gallagher's contribution to today's contemporary poetry scene. We trust Katherine had a special evening and send our respect to a poet, passing on the torch of inspiration. It's been a real pleasure to publish three out of five of her collections: Tigers on the Silk Road, 2000, Circus Apprentice, 2006, and Carnival Edge, 2010.

Katherine is a poet of enormous generosity and enjoys promoting the works of others, placing them in the limelight. Now it's her turn. So here it is - the manifestation of karma at its best, and yes, she really deserves it. Happy Birthday Katherine!