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Two updates from Larissa Miller

Posted by Ben, 20th September 2016

Larissa Miller
Larissa Miller

On 20 August 2016 Larissa Miller's bilingual Russian-Italian poetry book Grani di felicita (Transeuropa Edizioni, Massa, Tuscany, June 2015) translated by Stefano Garzonio took the second place Alpi Apuane prize "Voices of Europe".

6 poems from the book in Russian and in Italian may be read here.

4 more poems were published in both languages in In Live Air ("V Pryamom Efire", Ridero, Ekaterinburg, August, 2016). They can be read on Larissa Miller's poetry blog. In Live Air includes translations of some of Larissa's poems into Italian, Serbian, French, Dutch and of course into English by Richard McKane - from Guests of Eternity (Arc, 2008) and Regarding the Next Big Occasion (Arc, 2015).