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Fractured Flights

Fractured Flights

by Jacqueline Brown

This is Jacqueline Brown's fourth collection to be published by Arc. Her writing is both delicate and compassionate, candid and direct, and this new collection confirms her as a poet of understanding and self-assurance.

Fractured Flights falls into three parts, each sequence distinct from the other, yet very much part of a whole. The theme of each part is flight: of the trapeze artist Miss LaLa (sketched by Degas at the Cirque Fernando at the height of her career in fin-de-siècle Paris); of the owl (in reality, myth and legend); and of the fugitive from the unwelcome, the unexpected and the life-changing.

Jacqueline Brown describes this collection as a triptych like those on Russian Orthodox altars — iconic, hinged and portable.

These are clear-eyed poems of identity, isolation and love. They give into the ambivalence of reality, haunting as the after-image of an owl on glass.

Pauline Stainer

44 pages

ISBN 1 900072 36 X
Published 2002

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