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Temporary Archives

ed. Adcock and Pujol Duran

Poems by Women of Latin America

edited by Juana Adcock & Jèssica Pujol Duran

Latin America is known to be producing some of the most exciting literature in the world today. With the region’s rich intersecting traditions, history of migrations, political movements, and commitment to poetic innovation, the women poets who are currently working there are some of the fiercest and most creative voices in the 21st century. Temporary Archives brings together 24 of the most widely-read women poets working in Spanish, Portuguese and indigenous languages throughout the Latin American continent, who are in dialogue with each other, their traditions, and with the current literatures and political movements in the region. With a vibrant women’s movement gaining increasing traction in countries such as Chile, Argentina and Mexico, this anthology is a timely contribution to the works currently being published in English translation.

ISBN: 9781908376282
Published November 2022

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