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The Unmapped Page: Selected Poems

The Unmapped Page: Selected Poems

by Andrew Sant

Part of our Arc International Poets series

The poems selected for this book are the distillation of the work of a poet who began to receive significant attention in Australia during the 1980s and whose reputation continues to grow. Described variously by critics as "an important, innovative poet" with "a penetrating eye for the hidden geometries of meaning", Sant reveals himself in this volume as a vibrant, witty and sensuous writer with a gift for narrative exploration and an eye for intrinsic and off-beat detail.

Sant's words are chosen with proper care, he has an eye for the telling metaphor, a just sense of rhythm and writes a lively, gritty free verse that is serious without being po-faced and not without real humour.

Matt Simpson, Stride Magazine

...a vibrant, witty and sensuous writer with an eye for intrinsic and off beat detail...

ACE Literature News No. 8, May 2004

...whatever his subject, the vision it draws out of him is there to be had and the subject, like the insight, has come as naturally to him as leaves are to trees... whether lyrics or narratives, the poems show not only an exceptional facility with language but also a talent for story-telling. Thus anything worthy of notice, however small, has an exacting tale-telling of its own.

Elizabeth Knottenbelt, Agenda Vol 41 No 1-2

Andrew Sant writes intellectually compelling and formally taut poems ... made possible when an exceptional facility with language collides with everyday subjects.

Brian Henry, P N Review

The poems are witty, acerbic, intelligent... with muscular verse which dances through the pages.

Nicolette Stasko, Southerly

106 pages

ISBN 1 900072 78 5
Published February 2004

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