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The Stone Threshold

The Stone Threshold

by Andrew Taylor

New and Selected Poems

Compiled from three of Andrew Taylor's highly acclaimed publications, Selected Poems, 1960-1985, Folds in the Map, and Sandstone, this volume also includes a substantial body of new work.

The natural world, both in the immensity of its landscapes and coastlines, and in its minutest detail, is ever-present in Taylor's poems. Ranging in place from the shadowy ruins of mediaeval Europe to the salt-wastes and deserted farms of Western Australia, and seeking the familiar in the unfamiliar, the personal in the strange, Taylor's poetry represents a quest, in his words a venture towards what cannot be said, towards what remains stubbornly and tantalizingly silent... Poetry should have the ambition to chart the outline, the coastline, of what can and cannot be said...

Taylor's is a remarkable new voice in the UK, one that delights, surprises, disturbs, and one which will not be readily forgotten.

88 pages
ISBN 1-900072-55-6
Published January 2001

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