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The Wanderer's Prayer & The Travel Log of Sofa Joe

The Wanderer's Prayer & The Travel Log of Sofa Joe

by Andy Brown

This volume is part travelogue and part rumination on travel, charting two very different journeys. The Wanderer's Prayer traces the poet's path through India over two prolonged trips, while The Travel Log of Sofa Joe recounts - in the form of a 'spiritual diary' - the internal journey of a reluctant armchair traveller.

These poems dazzle with their inventiveness of form and intoxicate with their vivid evocation of place. India comes alive all around us as Brown journeys down river, up mountain and into holy places. Sensual, contemplative and witty, this is travel poetry at its freshest. A delight.

Henry Shukman

48 pages

ISBN 1 900072 32 7
Published 1999

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