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Letter from Ulster and The Hugo Poems

Letter from Ulster and The Hugo Poems

by Archie Markham

In this, his fifth collection, Markham reveals the full range of his obsessions with travel and the search for hinterland, with history and the challenge of contemporary politics, with a multinational language which both liberates and 'imprisons' its user. His language refuses to be tamed, and in this collection he reasserts his place as a "leading literary figure and poet" (Peter Porter) as he brings fresh insight into a range of subjects from sojourn in Ireland to a natural catastrophe in Montserrat.

Markham is one of a clutch of memorable poets enriching English literature with a distinctively Caribbean-rooted voice... There is much sheer pleasure in this volume...

Paula Burnett, New Statesman

96 pages

ISBN 0 946407 88 6
Published 1993

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