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Solar Eclipse 1914

by Arseny Tarkovsky

Selected and translated by Peter Oram
Introduction by Boris Dralyuk and Irina Mashinski

Readers will be deeply grateful to the late Peter Oram for giving new life to the work of a major Russian poet who has never been fully recognized in the English- speaking world – even if his haunting words have been heard in Russian by the millions who have seen his son’s film Mirror.

Arseny Tarkovsky lived through the Soviet period from beginning to end, preserving his inner independence and leaving a precious legacy of memorable lyrics that achieve a dream-like potency of suggestion. Oram’s inventive and beautifully shaped translations combine in an exemplary way poetic freedom and a careful attention to the form and the sentiment of the originals.

Peter France, Professor Emeritus, University of Edinburgh

ISBN: 9781910345856
Published May 2021

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