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Pommes Poems

Pommes Poems

by Asa Benveniste

An extraordinary collection of poems ranging widely from the domestic to dynastic, from the lyrical to the Apollonian, from the finely wrought to the crudely unkempt.

According to the poet, most of the poems were conceived on metaphorical crutches and with a shaking hand, and are best considered as posthumous. Most of my poems are stolen, he says. This is a beautifully-produced volume, and one that repays having, holding and re-reading.

First edition. Published by Arc Publications, Todmorden and designed and printed by Tony Ward at the Arc & Throstle Press. Laminated card cover with illustration and frontispiece by Agneta Falk. Asa Benveniste's last published work. 21.5 x 14 cm.

68 pages

ISBN 0 902771 88 4
Published January 1988

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