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Jeff Nuttall - A Celebration

Jeff Nuttall - A Celebration

ed. Bank and Ward

A tribute to Jeff Nuttall

Jeff Nuttall was born in 1933 in Clitheroe and grew up in Herefordshire. Painter, sculptor, poet, essayist, caricaturist, jazz musician and performance artist, he was a seminal figure as a teacher of fine art in schools and polytechnics from the 1960s until the late '80s. He later acted in films and television. He died suddenly in Abergavenny in January 2004.

This book, with a foreword by Ray Gosling, gives the reader a glimpse of what made Jeff Nuttall such a distinctive and talented communicator. Prose monologues, poems, autobiographical recollections, a cartoon feature (first published in Ambit in 1989-1991), and a sprinkling of exquisite drawings are imbued with an extra energy and brilliance by the 13-track CD which comes with the book, on which Jeff can be heard reading his own poems and prose, and also playing the jazz cornet and singing in the Bozo Buttershaw's Hot Potatoes.

If he had not existed, it would have been imperative to invent him. He was an inspiration. And remains.

Snoo Wilson

Jeff Nuttall was a lovely, lovely absolutely lovely man. He was great fun, great balls of belly laughter and without any side to him. And he spent a life open, adding his imagination to creation... Jeff was up and for it to the very end.

Ray Gosling

Paperback with CD
40 pages

ISBN 1 904614 08 6
Published 2004

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