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How Abraham Abandoned Me

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How Abraham Abandoned Me

by Bejan Matur

Bilingual English / Turkish edition

Translated by Ruth Christie with Selçuk Berilgen
Introduced by Ruth Christie

Part of our Arc Translations series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

This collection covers the broad vision of mankind's history with a story of an individual journey, in the course of which the poet explores the cosmic and the microcosm, the immensities of Time and Space, of becoming and Being. The poems came during a pilgrimage in south-eastern Anatolia. Matur has created a personalised iconography based on Islamic references and imagery, presenting complex ideas with a simplicity of expression that is perfectly mirrored in Ruth Christie's translation.

978-1906570-00-2 (pbk)
978-1906570-01-9 (hbk)
Published July 2012