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The Moon on my Tongue: an anthology of Maori poetry in English

ed. Ben Styles

Edited by Reina Whaitiri, Robert Sullivan and Ben Styles

Part of our Arc International Poets series

From both revered, established writers and exciting contemporary poets, the work in this anthology offers a broad picture of Māori poetry written in English. The encounter between Māori writers and the English language has been one of creativity and innovation, with poets choosing to use the language of the coloniser as a tool for their own ends, expressing the beauty and robustness of the Māori spirit when confronted with difference and dislocation.

There are laments for koro (elders), hopes for mokopuna (grandchildren); celebrations of the land and anger at its abuse; retellings of myth and reclamations of history. In all its variety, and on every conceivable subject, witness the vitality and intensity of the Māori poetic voice.

Paperback ISBN 9781911469032
168 pages
Published November 2017

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