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Northern Stories Vol. 5

Northern Stories Vol. 5

ed. Beryl Bainbridge and David Pownall

Stories by Stuart Allison, Howard Baker, Stephen Bohl, Addy Farmer, Joanna Fawkes, Robert Graham, Richard J. Hand, Grace Harvey, Stephen G. Holden, Kathleen Jones, Wendy Robertson, Ian Smith, Gary Webb and Adrian Wilson.

Part of our Northern Stories & Arc Short Stories series

What makes a story survive? ... It nags, it sticks, it tickles, it provokes, it produces sorrow or laughter, and much of its art is secret and hidden.

David Pownall

We think we chose pretty well, and found enormous pleasure in reading the work of so many northern writers. Had the finished book run to more pages, two dozen more stories would have been included.

Beryl Bainbridge

106 pages

ISBN 0-946407-97-5
Published January 1994

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