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& Silk & Love & Flame

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& Silk & Love & Flame

by Birhan Keskin

Bilingual English / Turkish edition

Translated by George Messo

Part of our Visible Poets series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

Birhan Keskin's poetry is finely-honed and minimal and at the same time, powerfully visual, evocative and exact. Meaning and music overlap, lines dissolve, restart and repeat. Fluid and elusive, her poems inhabit a space between cognition and remembering, testimony and invention. This book selects work from six of Keskin's books, including her prize-winning collection Ba and George Messo's outstanding translation enables us to appreciate to the full the work of this exceptional poet.

978-1904614-57-9 (pbk)
978-1906570-51-4 (hbk)
Published April 2013