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Of Sea Graves and Sand Shrines

Of Sea Graves and Sand Shrines

by A C Bevan

An off-shore, off-beat, round-the-coast tour of the British Isles by way of the sea-areas - in geographical order - of its coastal waters. In a sequence of thirty poems, which take as their source the 'Weather Bulletin for Shipping' (broadcast three times daily on BBC Radio 4), A. C. Bevan uses the familiar names - Dogger, Fisher, German Bight - to conjure up a rich shoal of facts and fantasies.

These are clever, witty, quirky poems which make you alternately smile and sigh by turns - and, after reading this highly entertaining collection, you will find that when you next hear the Shipping Forecast, it will seem slightly different.

36 pages

ISBN 1 900072 46 7
Published 2000

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