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The Right Thing

The Right Thing

by C. K. Stead

Part of our Arc International Poets series

The Right Thing is C K Stead's second book of poetry to be published in the UK by Arc in as many years, but unlike the earlier one, this consists entirely of new work.

The collection has a distinctly international feel with poems about time spent in Oxford, France, Crete, and his travels through the United States. Throughout, Stead's erudition and knowledge of the classical canon combine with his laconic wit and keen powers of observation, to produce poems of great energy, humour and irreverence. But he has a unforgettably lyrical voice too, and writes with humanity and gentleness about friends, and places, and times past. There is a memorable sequence of poems about Crete during the Second World War. This is a beautiful book which, whether savoured slowly, or taken at a run, the reader will wish to re-visit again and again.

The images are simply and clearly drawn. These poems are accessible and inspire in the reader that accolade to the poet — 'yes, that's just how it is.'... This is an imaginative collection...

Alison Chisholm, Envoi 127 Oct 2000

80 pages
ISBN 1-900072-29-7
Published January 2000

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