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By the Hearth in Min a' Lea

By the Hearth in Min a' Lea

by Cathal Ó Searcaigh

Bilingual English / Irish edition

Translated from the Irish by Frank Sewell, Seamus Heaney and Denise Blake

Part of our Arc Translations series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

Poetry Book Society Recommendation Translation Winter 2005

Cathal Searcaigh is one of Ireland's leading poets, recipient of many major literary awards including the Irish Times Literature Prize, a member of Aosdna and, in Ireland, a well-known television and radio personality.

Whether writing about the beautiful Donegal landscape, or as a gay man about the intense emotions of love, or about voice and events from the past that resonate in the present, or simply telling a story, Searcaigh is always honest, clear-sighted and unafraid, lyrical, tender and funny: he tells it how it is.

This is the first selection of Searcaigh's poetry to be published by a British publisher and as such will be an introduction, for many English readers, to the startling freshness, energy, candour and inventiveness of this most colourful of poets.

A parallel text edition.

...he refuses to romanticise rural Ireland... a daring poet... He confronts the frustrations and wonders of rural Ireland with a risky, sexual modernity.

Sarah Maguire, PBS Bulletin No 207, Winter 2005

...takes us from breezy Donegal, with its memories of mountain women and water coming up clear from family wells in the not-so-swinging sixties, to the delights of life in London...

Herbert Williams, Roundyhouse 19, 2006

180 pages

ISBN 1-904614-21-3
Published November 2005

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