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Dr. Mephisto

Dr. Mephisto

by Chris Emery

...vivid, pungent stanzas...

Stride Magazine

Broadcasting from Planet Sky into our theatre of hate comes a louche, latter-day Mephistopheles. Satire and mock-allegory wear out the dramatic personae as we, the readers, refuse to audition for the part of Faustus. More Marlowe than Goethe, things really catch light when the lines go lyrical. Ghosts of punk offer up trills of the damned, but a secular scepticism is on keyboards. Think of Orson Welles and Marlene Dietrich in A Touch of Evil and dream of new dawns.

Drew Milne

This is a remarkable debut collection by Chris Emery. He possesses an attack vocabulary and has the ambition to think the unthinkable. Cross yourself before reading Dr. Mephisto.

John Hartley-Williams

88 pages

ISBN 1-900072-67-1
Published 2001