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Small Stories of Devotion

Small Stories of Devotion

by Dinah Hawken

Dinah Hawken won the 1987 Commonwealth Poetry Prize with her first book. Small Stories of Devotion is her second volume of poetry, and the first to be published in the UK.

She says: Dreams, myths and everyday events are telling, and I'm telling them here as a kind of diary — the diary of a woman it takes time to come to love.

In this stunning and unforgettably elegiac book, female sensuality and spirituality are celebrated, standing together rather than split the way Christian culture has encouraged. It is a journey of discovery using very precise language, myths and contemporary writing to question our spiritual condition.

With her Jungian cast of mind lightly worn and her feminism sharp but undoctrinaire, she realises a universal awareness rarely portrayed with such gentleness. Now one of New Zealand's leading poets, Dinah Hawken is quickly becoming one of the most innovative writers in the English language.

Hawken... has a diction which is simple and declarative... a fluid music rather than the boxed structures of traditional forms.

Emma Neale, Poetry Review

80 pages
ISBN 0-946407-90-8
Published January 1994

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