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Someone Has Stayed In Stockholm

Someone Has Stayed In Stockholm

by Don Coles

New and Selected Poems

Part of our Arc International Poets series

Don Coles is one of Canada's most highly regarded poets. His previous books, all published in Canada are: Sometimes All Over; Anniversaries; The Prinzhorn Collection; Landslides; K. in Love; Little Bird and Forests of the Medieval World. This selection is his first book to be published in the UK.

Don Coles's voice is an unmistakable one, gentle but firm, sensual, compassionate, tense with the excitement of being alive and the grief of farewell. Many of the poems published in this collection have become modern classics in his lifetime: 'The Prinzhorn Collection', a profound meditation on art, mortality and oppression; 'Landslides', his moving and elegiac address to his mother as she faces death in a geriatric home; and the intriguing 'K. in Love', a feeling exploration of Kafka's wayward sensitivities. Don Coles is Canadian in his voice, European in his intellectual interests, and universal in his truthfulness. He is one of our vital contemporaries.

Don Coles makes poems which are attentive, tender, flexible, offhand but exact — intricate journeys, which are a joy to follow.

Margaret Atwood

120 pages
ISBN 0-946407-92-3
Published January 1994

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