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A Constant Level of Illumination

A Constant Level of Illumination

by Donald Atkinson

This is Donald Atkinson's fourth collection, and his first since the publication of Othello in the Pyramid of Dreams in 1996. Writing in Acumen, Glyn Pursglove describes the latter as a 'fascinating sequence' continuing: a syncretic force of imagination is one of [its] most striking features... a strange and powerful poetic electricity is created... the range of voice and mood is impressive, by turns malevolent, sardonic and haunted.

All of which could be said of the present volume — though some elements are new and the alchemy is different — which includes both narrative, dramatic and meditative sequences, and gentler lyrics of place, love or humour. A particular feature are the poems for music which round off this collection, and form part of a collaboration with the composer Paul Robinson.

All of these poems feel as if they had to be written, and finely written.

Herbert Lomas, Ambit 166

Donald Atkinson deals in serious and considered themes — including violence, cruelty and arguments about war. He creates telling imagery and narrative... shown in a moving series of dramatic monologues.

Stella Stocker, Wayfarers 90

126 pages
ISBN 0 946407 66 5
Published 2001

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