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In Waterlight: Poems New, Selected and Revised

In Waterlight: Poems New, Selected and Revised

by Donald Atkinson

Donald Atkinson's award-winning first collection of poetry was published over fifteen years ago, since when three further collections have appeared. This present volume selects work from all four collections, much of it sparingly revised and freshly presented in particular the semi-autobiographical A Sleep of Drowned Fathers (Peterloo, 1989) and concludes with a substantial sequence of new poems, Journey to Mozambique.

Although Atkinson speaks in a variety of distinct voices ironical, surreal, reflective his style is always recognizable; the whole oeuvre is "brined in wit and the salt is good".

...prolific and successful...heartfelt and intense but never mawkish. ..very,very funny; while as good a poem as any in the book...

Robert Nisbet, Roundyhouse 20

...often quite scary detail, and the writing here is never less than clear, sharp, often witty in a rub-salt-in-the-wounds kind of way.

The North 36

...vivid and immediate imagery, often containing much warmth, with an overall perspective of an event. ...delights with unexpected but apt imagery.

Weyfarers no. 98, May 2005

I like the warmth, the melancholy, and the colours of this sequence; and how even the harsh brutalities are filtered through a celebratory tenderness.

Mimi Khalvati

204 pages
ISBN 1-904614-01-9
Published September 2004

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