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Othello in the Pyramid of Dreams

Othello in the Pyramid of Dreams

by Donald Atkinson

The dramatic title poem which makes up nearly half of Atkinson's third full-length collection takes the imagery of ancient Egyptian burial rites and utilizes the cast of Shakespeare's Othello in order to re-explore the issue of masculine self-doubt.

This isn't to say that Atkinson doesn't have his own voice; he does... [this is] a collection in which erudition combines with humane intelligence to produce a haunting, impressive and original statement.

Paul McDonald, PQR

You need to work at this collection to get the full benefit of the allusions but most is accessible on a simpler level at first reading and the writing has great elegance.

Jeffery Wheatley, Orbis

68 pages

ISBN 1 900072 02 5
Published 1996