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Six Estonian Poets

Six Estonian Poets

ed. Doris Kareva

Bilingual English / Estonian edition

Features the work of six of Estonia's most renowned poets: Hasso Krull, Jurgen Rooste, Triin Soomets, Kauksi Ulle, Elo Viiding and Juhan Viiding.

Translated by Adam Cullen, Ilmar Lehtpere, Miriam McIlfatrick and Brandon Lussier.

Part of our New Voices From Europe and Beyond series edited by Alexandra Büchler

In Six Estonian Poets, the editor Doris Kareva presents us with the work of five highly individual poets of the younger generation together with that of one of the most influential figures of their parents' generation. For Estonians, poetry has always been far more than entertainment; it is a way of keeping their language alive, a cultural thread which, throughout their history and under the sway of a series of masters, has preserved and nourished their sense of national identity.

Estonian poetry is simultaneously a valid contemporary currency and a kind of secret code, a language of elves, known to few. In this volume, readers of English are offered a rare gateway into this world of spirits and humans, a world that is both vulnerable and resilient, a world that lies at the heart of Estonian culture.

Paperback ISBN 978-1906570-97-2
166 pages
Published June 2015

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