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A Landscape Blossoms Within Me

A Landscape Blossoms Within Me

by Eeva Kilpi

Bilingual English / Finnish edition

Translated by Donald Adamson

Part of our Arc Translations series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

Eeva Kilpi is one of Finland's best-loved writers, and a Nobel Prize nominee. Her work has been published in sixteen languages, but this is her first full-length poetry collection in English.

Kilpi's poems, which encompass everything from bawdy humour to compassionate irony, and from haunting expressions of love and loss to an obvious passion for the natural world, have a shamanistic, shape-shifting quality about them. They explore different ways of being: they serve both as companions on the life-journey and as a representation of the journey itself.

Donald Adamson's translations, produced in collaboration with the author, are a memorable introduction for new readers to the wisdom of this mature, sure-footed poet with her wholly individual voice.

Donald Adamson's succinct, immensely enjoyable translations of Eeva Kilpi's poems capture a voice which is direct, ironic, lyrical and robust. These poems light up the darkest corners of experience with apparently casual assurance, and express the curious, addictive pains and wonders of the everyday with wit and an undertow of sorrow

Helen Dunmore

... Urgent, honest, compulsive, funny – poems I'd send to friends who say they don't like poetry

Jen Hadfield

9781908376 85 5 (pbk)
9781908376 86 2 (hbk)
9781908376 87 9 (ebk)
Published September 2014

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