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Still Life with Loops

Still Life with Loops

by Eli Tolaretxipi

Bilingual English / Spanish edition

Translated from the Spanish by Philip Jenkins with an introduction by Robert Crawford

Part of our Visible Poets series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

Born in San Sebastian, and still living and working there, the Basque poet Eli Tolaretxipi has published two collections of poetry in Spanish — Amor muerto naturaleza muerta (Past Love Still Life) and Los lazos del numero (The Loops of the Figure). Although translated into French and Italian, she has had to wait until the publication of this volume for her poetry to appear in English, in a fine translation by Philip Jenkins; Robert Crawford's excellent introduction to this volume helps to set her work in context.

Eli Tolaretxipi's poetry has a rich sense of unease, the sense of unease we feel about love and perception. Her first collection draws on the language of the visual arts to portray the end of a failing relationship, while her second reflects on the nature of perception and poetry. Still Life with Loops, as its title suggests, is made up of work from both these collections.

Her poetry is similar in texture to that of some of the English-language women poets she has translated into Spanish, Elizabeth Bishop and Sylvia Plath among them.

Parallel text: Spanish/English on facing pages

The poetry of Eli Tolaretxipi creates an impression of adventure or of risk... in the poet's intimate manner of working and in the autonomous and necessary quality of the writing. Its most conspicuous quality is perhaps its naturalness, a natural kind of strangeness.

Olvido García Valdés

Paperback / hardback
126 pages
ISBN: 978 1904614 46 3 (paperback)
978 1904614 95 1 (hardback)
Published April 2008

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