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by Emma-Jane Arkady

Lithium is a first collection from a writer who has only comparatively recently made an appearance on the poetry scene. The 'lithium' of the title, a metallic element, and also one of the drugs used in the treatment of manic depression, hints at the rich and unusual mix of poems in this volume. Poems about discovery and loss, love and decay, the domestic and the universal, the world of work and the world of trains, come together in what the poet describes as a poetic 'faction' based on my life and experiences. Hard hitting, tender, amusing and moving, this is a powerful and memorable work.

Lithium is an impressive debut, boisterous yet tender, charting an eclectic range of interests... one of Manchester's most important new voices.

Emma Unsworth

The quality of the writing is everywhere sensitive and alive, alert to the difficulty involved in articulating the (sometimes painful) subjects she seeks to explore. Arkady has an eye for the exact image, an ear attuned to the subtleties of rhythm, and a true poet's gift for melding these into a verse that is lucid and memorable.

Ian Parks

64 pages
ISBN 1 900072 57 2
Published January 2001

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