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To the Silenced: Selected Poems

To the Silenced: Selected Poems

by Georg Trakl

Bilingual English / German edition

Translated from the German, and introduced, by Will Stone

Part of our Arc Classics: New Translations of Great Poets of the Past series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

Although the Austrian poet Georg Trakl was born over a century ago, the mesmerizing imagery and haunting visions of his highly sensitive and morbidly introspective poetry are as powerful today as they were when he poured forth his extraordinary and unclassifiable volume of work.

A source of inspiration for artists, musicians and writers through the Expressionist period and beyond, Trakl's poetry bleak, yet full of tenderness and hope, nightmarish yet eerily beautiful has steadfastly defied any coherent critical analysis.

Will Stone's outstanding new translation, in a parallel-text edition complete with contextualizing essays, promises to rekindle interest in the work of this seminal poet.

...obsessional motifs, clusters of words, colours and images... has the rare ability to ripple outwards and beyond the immediate meaning of his words. ... this poetry should sound rather odd to our ears... poetry of luminous terror. Stone's distinctive approach manages to be very objective precisely because of his personal insights.

Stephen Watts, The Wolf, April 2006

...obscure, oblique, opaque even... one of my favourite poets... Trakl's poems are beautiful and unique, they are the work of an expressionist and should be read widely. They will stand the test of time, again and again...

Ruth Jenkins, Roundyhouse 20

The world outside was always something seemingly out of joint, screened off from his conscious awareness of it. ...he lived his life inside the body of a self already lost. His poems on the other hand are so acute, so memorable...

Paul Stubbs, Amazon, 3rd Sep 2006

...extraordinarily powerful, disturbing, poignant and beautiful poetry... Will Stone's selection... a very positive contribution... most successful in his grasp of the moments of uneasy calm...has a sure touch with the distinctive Trakl tone of ominous threat.

Robert Vilain, Times Literary Supplement, 14th April 2006

I thought the translations terrific in their closeness to the spirit of the German and the shapes of sound they made. I enjoyed the intro and notes too... The volume is a really good introduction to Trakl and his times for an English reader and deserves to be well known. I am very glad to have it.

Karen Leeder, German scholar and translator

168 pages

ISBN 1-904614-10-8
Published November 2005

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