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Selected Poems

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Selected Poems

by Georges Rodenbach

Bilingual English / French edition

Translated and Selected by Will Stone

Part of our Arc Classics: New Translations of Great Poets of the Past series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

This is the first-ever collection of Rodenbach's poetry to be published in English translation. In it, Rodenbach's vision of Bruges, so brilliantly portrayed in his famous symbolist novel, Bruges la Morte, is drawn with even more potency. Using the symbolist devices of suggestion and mood, Rodenbach, in these poems, sifts the elements that make up the decaying Bruges. He sees it as a medieval corpse laid out for him to 'rescue' through his interpretation of its atmosphere of melancholy, its seductive romantic decline and its loneliness. With rare beauty and delicacy, Rodenbach's poetry spins its web of tonal impressionism and seems always to exist on the border of silence.

ISBN pbk 978-1904614-64-7
ISBN hbk 978-1906570-07-1
ISBN ebk 978-1910345-40-5
110 pages
Published April 2017

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