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Speech with Humans

Speech with Humans

by Glen Baxter and Clark Coolidge

The grim account of Monty Girard's one-way journey into the unknown, told in words by Glen Baxter and Clark Coolidge, and illustrated with 54 of Baxter's distinctive line-drawings. Surreal and quirky, Baxter's latest book surprizes and disturbs, but never disappoints.

In 1974, Glen Baxter was invited by Larry Fagin and Ron Padgett at the Poetry Project in New York to read from his collected works at St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery, his "collected works" at that time consisting of The Falls Tracer published by Tetrad Press, The Khaki published by Adventures in Poetry, and some pieces that had appeared in Anne Waldman's The World. Shortly after the reading, Larry Fagin and Glen Baxter made the journey up to see Clark Coolidge at his house near the old Shaker village at Hancock, Massachusetts. This was to be the first of many visits by Baxter to the Coolidge house, one of which, in 1982, marked the beginning of the collaboration published here for the first time. Baxter had always envisaged the text would be illustrated but it was not until Tony Ward of Arc encouraged him to complete the project that he set about creating the series of drawings that run throughout this book.

Glen Baxter is an artist in the distinguished tradition of Lewis Carroll, Sax Rohmer, Marquis de Sade, Raymond Roussel, Luther Burbank and the Comte de Latureamont.

John Ashbery

70 pages
ISBN: 978 1904614 07 4
Published February 2008

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