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A Year in the Bull-Box

by Glyn Hughes

Glyn Hughes was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in 2009. He had recently been granted use of an isolated stone hut — the "Bull-Box" — in the Ribble Valley and the time spent there and in its environs was a major part of his healing. This poem sequence describes the experience.

The thrust of the book is the quiet meditative vein of healing in nature that feeds the best lyrical moments. The strengths lie in the naked purity of the observation, mediated by your presence as the observer... with you as the priest of your mysteries, as, for example, in There On The Long Causeway, which I love — the image of the stone is one of your great triumphs in the book, and the last line one of the best last lines.

I cite you as an example of the truly philo-sophical mind, going beyond stoicism into a spiritual adventure.

John Fuller

One of this country's most vibrant and versatile writers.

The Observer

ISBN: 978-1906570-78-1 (pbk), 978-1906570-79-8 (hbk)

Dimensions: 216 x 138 mm
Pages: 64
Published February 2011

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