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Lives of the Dead: Collected Poems

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Lives of the Dead: Collected Poems

by Hanoch Levin

Bilingual English / Hebrew edition

Translated by Atar Hadari

Part of our Arc Translations series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

Hanoch Levin's poetry stands alone as a single volume in his collected works, which run to fifteen volumes of drama and prose. Levin's poetic voice - mordant, witty, irreverent, erotic and highly satirical, yet also whimsical and delicate - is arresting, distinctive and unusual. When this volume was published in Israel, it proved to be enormously popular and went through three editions in its first year and has continued to be reprinted since. This bilingual edition makes his poetry available to an English-lanugage readership for the first time - to date Levin is only known in the UK as a playwright.

Paperback 9781908376640
Hardback 9781908376657
128 pages
Published June 2018