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The True Height of the Ear

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The True Height of the Ear

by Iain Galbraith

In this masterful first book of original poems, Iain Galbraith explores how people's actions and experiences shape not only their own lives but the world around them. His poems are full of sharp observations and a level of detail which ground the reader in whichever world he presents, and while the settings vary from the mundane to the epic the language never fails to retain a sense of the fantastical. Through his words Galbraith is able to to take us on an emotional journey through love, grief, hope and discontent. After years of experience writing and translating poetry, The True Height of the Ear acts as evidence of Galbraith's comfort in writing in a variety of different styles, creating a book of poems which consistently entice his readers.

Paperback 9781911469292
Hardback 9781911469308
Ebook 9781911469315
Published July 2018