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An Occasional Lean-to

An Occasional Lean-to

by Ian Pople

In this new collection, Ian Pople explores the boundaries of religious and linguistic certainty.

A series of finely crafted epiphanies blend the sacred and the secular with subtle perceptions of the commonplace to explore the possibilities of a contemporary faith.

Of his first collection, The Glass Enclosure (Arc, 1996), which was awarded a PBS Recommendation and short-listed for the Forward Prize Best First Collection, Jeff Nuttall in The Independent: "What saves Pople from being another despondent poetic voice is his skill with the extraordinary."

...meticulously crafted... combining movement and search with resting-points of sharply-seen detail... The lean-to is an apt symbol for poetry whose shelter barely excludes the elements...

Carol Rumens, P N Review Nov 2005

...some images are reminiscent of paintings...not just close observations, but vehicles for both anxiety and individual life-affirming vision.

Weyfarers No 98 May 2005

The writing is snappy, concrete, unmetaphorical, with swift ideogrammic transitions... This is a strong first collection, mature in language and imagery.

Herbert Lomas in the London Magazine

76 pages
ISBN 1 900072 98 X
Published September 2004