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The Play of Waves

The Play of Waves

by Immanuel Mifsud

translated by Maurice Riordan
with an introduction by Charles Briffa

Part of our Arc Translations series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

The Play of Waves is a collection of poems written over the period of five years by Malta's most distinguished poet, Immanuel Mifsud. It falls into six sections: the first consists of mainly lyrical poems; the second explores mental instability and the fluidity of the Self; the third is a sequence of travel poems; the fourth focuses on the dialectic of body-spirit; the fifth consists of poems about sex and sexuality; and the sixth and final section is a short cycle about Medusa. Throughout all six sections, the theme of 'waiting' runs as a leitmotiv - waiting at airports, at the psychiatric clinic, at railway stations, sex-workers waiting for clients, lonely people waiting for imaginary lovers.

This is a powerful yet tender collection from a writer whose name may be familiar as winner of the European Union Prize for Literature in 2011 but whose unique poetic voice is little-known outside Malta.

ISBN pbk 978-1908376-67-1
ISBN hbk 978-1908376-68-8
ISBN ebk 978-1908376-69-5
136 pages
For publication October 2017

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