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Dinner with Fish & Mirrors

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Dinner with Fish & Mirrors

by Ivana Milankov

Bilingual English / Serbian edition

Translated and introduced by James Sutherland-Smith and Zorica Petrović

Part of our Arc Translations series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

Serbia's rich historical and religious history is evident in these poems and there is an untiring effort to reach beyond the sensations of the world around her towards mystical revelation, to communicate the incommunicable.

Some poems emerge from private experience and others from the imagined experiences. Milankov's poetry does not seek to be contemporary in that it does not deal directly with recent conflict in the Balkans. Rather it draws on the insights and shortcomings evident in the wider European culture

ISBN 978 1904614 78 4 (pbk)
ISBN: 978 1906570 18 7 (hbk)
Published November 2013