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by Jackie Wills

Commandments is Jackie Wills' fourth collection and within it she investigates religion, relationships and the mind. Her poems contain a cast as diverse as Fidel Castro, a teenage rapper, priest, adulterer, seamstress and girls in fairy wings on the Palace pier. Wills' poetry has always drawn on the surrealism of the everyday. This collection identifies crossing points where rules are broken, questioned or no longer make sense. According to Wills, these can happen at random, any time and anywhere in the world: digging the garden, watching impala on a scorched savannah or walking through the streets of Brighton. There's salsa, jazz, humour and passion in Commandments as Wills shows people at their most ludicrous and poignant.

Jackie Wills' first collection, Powder Tower, was short listed for the TS Eliot Prize in 1995. She was poet in residence at the Aldeburgh Festival in 2004, the year Mslexia named her as one of the top 10 new women poets of the decade.

Commandments is her fourth collection and confirms her as a poet with a clarity of vision and a lovely turn of phrase... Many of her poems take place on the border of longing... She has a wonderful imagination and in her best poems ....she is confident, colloquial and slightly surreal... And she is particularly good writing about nature.

Keith Richmond, Tribune Vol 72 No 6, February 2008

Mesmerizing and sharply imagistic, each poem travels a long distance in a short space... These urgent, finely-wrought poems leave a sense of life's impossible juxtapositions... They invite the reader to continue their dream-work.

Moniza Alvi

84 pages

ISBN: Paperback 978 1904614 11 1, hardback 978 1904614 52 4
Published March 2007

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